Friday, May 15, 2009

Stokkender / Mallards


I morges hadde vi disse to utafor vinduet vårt mens vi spiste frokost.
Et stokkand par.

This morning we had these two outside our window when we had breakfast.
A mallard couple.




Ser dere hvor godt kamuflert hun er!

See how good she blend in with the gras!


Her er isen for noen dager siden. Nå er den helt borte og vi venter
på at svanene også skal komme.

Here is the ice a couple of days ago. Now it's all gone and we're
waiting for the swans to come too.



Og når en er ute hører man at det klukker og renner i mange bekker
rundt omkring. I år er det også mye rype i skogen som kurrer.

And when one is outside one can hear it cluck and run in lots of
streams. It's a lot of grouse in the forest this year, and we can hear them coo.


  1. We have a pair of mallard ducks that come up from the stream behind our house to steal some bird food.

    Gorgeous pictures!!

  2. The ducks have arrived here too :) they are trying to get comfortable in the still frozen lakes.

  3. Oh... running water! Very exciting stuff!

    Fionna just learned about why the girls are not as "pretty" as the boys. Now that she knows it is a good way to protect the nest she is all about how cool the girls are... and how the boys are just for "show off"...

    Thanks for sharing your visit!